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Mission Statement:

As a signatory to the John Wayne  Airport Settlement Agreement, the Airport Working Group (AWG) has the legal  authority and therefore the responsibility to advocate for our rights by  defending and enforcing the Agreement and to work towards ensuring its  continuation in perpetuity for the benefit of Orange County.


AWG  Objectives:

  • Prepare for future Settlement Agreement negotiations to  mitigate long-term impact of JWA of surrounding communities and ensure its  continuation in perpetuity
  • Ensure that the public at large and elected officials  remain informed of issues affecting the air transportation in Orange county
  • Educate the public with respect to the availability of  additional airport sites and transportation improvements from Orange County to outlying  airports


What is the Settlement  Agreement?

  • Signatories to the Agreement: (1) Airport Working  Group; (2) County of Orange; (3) City of Newport  Beach; and (4) Stop Polluting Our Newport
  • Initial Agreement, signed in 1985, imposed noise  restrictions on JWA operations and limited to:
    1. Average Daily Departure (ADD) to 39, with growth to  79
    2. Million Annual Passengers (MAP) to 4.75 million, with  growth to 8.4 million
    3. Terminal size to 337,400  SF
    4. Limitations on number of departure lounges and  parking space
    5. Limiting loading Bridges to  14
  • The  Settlement Agreement was amended in 2003, with the following  changes:
    1. ADD of nosiest aircraft is limited to  89
    2. MAP to 10.3 million, with growth to 10.8 million from  2011 to 2015
    3. Loading bridges to 20
    4. Removed limitations on terminal, departure lounge and  parking space
  • The  Settlement Agreement will expire December 31, 2015; and the curfew December  31, 2020
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